20 New Medium Wavy Hair for Women

When you get tired of long hair, you want to get your hair cut and try something new, don’t you? Sometimes it’s hard for us to give up our hair. A great emotional problems can trigger it. Whatever the problem is, if you’re going to try a new hair, you can start with the ideas for Medium Wavy Hair for Women here!

Medium cuts, especially the wavy ones, are one of the most popular trends of recent times. Women who do not prefer short pixie hair or too long hairstyles, who prefer practical style choose this hair style. If you want to examine our examples, scroll down!

1. Medium Wavy Hairstyle

Short layers are quite suitable for medium cut haircut. Especially if you are going to use your hair in a wavy style, you can get a more voluminous look.

Medium Wavy Hair

2. Shoulder Length Wavy Haircut

Blonde lights and balayage, although not very easy to care for, looks quite attractive hair style.

Shoulder Length Wavy Hair

3. Brown Medium Length Wavy Hair 2019

For natural brown hair, slight highlights may be preferred. Provides a more natural look and your hair grows healthier.

Medium Length Wavy Hair

4. Blonde Mid Length Wavy Hairstyle

Mid Length Wavy Hair

5. Inverted Medium Length Wavy Hair

Medium Length Wavy Hairstyles

6. Loose Waves

Shoulder Length Loose Wavy Hair-6

7. Natural Look

Natural Shoulder Length Wavy Hair-7

8. Soft Curly Waves

Shoulder Length Wavy Curly Hair-8

9. Ombre Colored

Shoulder Length Wavy Ombre Hair-9

10. Highlighted Front

Shoulder Length Wavy Highlighted Hair-10

11. Blonde Balayage

Shoulder Length Wavy Hair-11

12. Messy Waves

Shoulder Length Wavy Hair-12

13. Thick Hair

Shoulder Length Wavy Hair-13

14. Caramel Blonde Balayage

Shoulder Length Wavy Hair-14

15. Dark Ash Brown

Shoulder Length Wavy Hair-15


Shoulder Length Wavy Hair-16


Shoulder Length Wavy Hair-17


Shoulder Length Wavy Hair-18


Shoulder Length Wavy Hair-19


Shoulder Length Wavy Hair-20

In this gallery we looked at the most popular Medium Wavy Hair ideas. Don’t forget to save or pin your own sample! To discover more hair styles, click here to browse our web site.

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